Tit-Bits are fun, funky hand-knitted breast prostheses. They're affordable, beautiful, comfortable and practical.

You can get Tit-Bits for yourself or for a loved one here - just click on the Tit-Bits at the bottom of the page.

Just a few things to consider...

Weighting: Choose whether you want your Tit-Bit weighted or not. Some women like weights because it holds the Tit-Bit firmly in their bras others prefer Tit-Bits that move with them.

Material: You can also choose a different yarn for your Tit-Bits if like cotton , soy silk and cashmere

Gifts: If you're considering purchasing Tit-Bits as a gift, aren't you wonderful! Have a look at our Tit-Bits FAQ first.

Special Orders: We can even do special order Tit-Bits that are a little more risqué. Think black glittery one for a late night rendezvous.

Timing: Because Tit-Bits are custom made for you - please allow 5-7 weeks for delivery, in the meantime feel free to join our discussion forum or email us with any useful Tit-Bits about living with breast cancer.

How Big A Bit?: We will try our best to make a Tit-Bit that fits your needs, if you are unsure about sizing or take a look at our sizing page, talk with us or email  us, send us your current bra size, some women have even sent us pictures of their bras or their actual bras to ensure a good fit.  If you are still unsure, we are also happy, for the cost of return postage and handling to send you some samples to  try out.  ALL SALES HOWEVER ARE FINAL . 

Tit-Bit Kits: If you like to knit or know someone who does, check out , as they carry the kits for the chenille version.

A free downloadable pattern for Tit-Bits is available through

Taking Care of Your Tit-Bits: Cashmerino, Raw Silk, Soy Silk and Bamboo Silk Tit-Bits should be hand washed in mild soap, gently squeezed, shaped and air dried on a counter or laundry.

Cotton and Chenille Tit-Bits may be machine washed in the gentle cycle in a lingerie bag and then shaped and air dried. (You can put them into the dryer if you are in a hurry but they can lose their shape so we discourage it!)

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